What to Bring To Your First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer?

Attorneys, who practice divorce law, tend to offer an initial consultation where you will be able to schedule a meeting with them. However, when you meet the Oakville divorce lawyer, it is necessary to be prepared. This will mean that you have come to the meeting with the right set of tools. Thus, you will enjoy smooth proceedings. If you do not what to carry in your first meeting with the lawyer then this guide is there to help you out. Here some of the things that you will have to carry in your initial meeting with the lawyer.


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Prepare the Schedule of Debts and Assets

The schedule of debts and asset is the most important document that you need to have when you do go to an Oakville divorce lawyer. Every single person in divorce case needs to complete the form prior to the dissolution of the marriage will be granted by the court. You should start now and complete the document as this will be important for the lawyer during the initial consultation.

Make the Income and Expense Declaration

The income and expense declaration is another document which comprises of the Declaration of Disclosure. The IED will contain the party’s income and expenses. Moreover, it will also contain the recent pat stubs of the candidate who is filling out the form.

Make a List of Questions You Need to Ask

You are going through a difficult time and there might be several questions on your mind. Thus, you need to make list of the things that you need to carry when talk to Oakville divorce lawyer. If you have a list of questions that you want to ask, it will help in managing your time with the attorney and get the information that you require.

Tax Returns

You have to get the most recent tax return that you and your spouse have filed, in case you have joint return. However, if you file separate returns, make sure that you get your spouse’s tax returns. It is better to get last two year’s tax returns.

Self-Employment Documents

In case you and your spouse are self-employed, you have to get as many documents as possible regarding the expenses, income, and business operations. Also, do not forget to get the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other important documents. Moreover, you will have to get the tax return document in your first meeting with Oakville divorce lawyer.

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Documents Already Filed in the Divorce Case

In case you have already filed a divorce case, you have to get a copy of the file documents during the meeting. Make sure that you have an extra copy which you will be able to provide to the Oakville divorce lawyer. This way you both will be to look at the copy during the first meeting.

Important Evidence and Documents

Often, cases of dissolution of marriages are filed because one or both spouses were not behaving properly. For cases like this, you need incriminating evidence on the other party. Make sure that you print out and bring the copies.