Humanitarian and Compassionate application (H&C)

This is not an application that depends on the refugee process.  You can apply at any time to remain in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

If you were accepted as a Convention Refugee or Protected person but did not apply for permanent residence within the required six months, you may need to use this application to become a Permanent Resident.

IMPORTANT: The H&C application is only for people already in Canada. It does not stop your removal from Canada.  Reality check: Not many applications are accepted.  You must show very compelling evidence.

You need to submit an “H&C” application and documents for yourself and any member of your family who is over 18.

Required documents include:

  • Identity documents from your country of origin, e.g. Passport.
  • Other important new proof to support your argument to remain here.


You may demonstrate risk with:

  • Updated information on your country of origin, reports about conditions there that you may find on the Internet, newspaper clippings.
  • Reports from groups such as Amnesty International.


You may show your attachment to Canada with:

  • Letters of support from work, friends, school or volunteer work.
  • Proof of any training or course you have taken that shows your skills have improved.
  • Copies of your latest Notice of Assessment from Canada Customs and Revenue and proof of assets in Canada.
  • Demonstration of how you are adapting and what are your plans for the future in Canada.



During the process of an “H&C” application you will have to inform CIC Vegreville or the CIC Vancouver Offices of any new relevant information, such as new facts in your country that may affect your argument, new job, marriage, birth and death.

If CIC accepts your argument, in principle, they will contact you to continue the process and to update your address and work history.  This information speeds up the process of background and security checks for everyone’s safety.

When contacted by mail, respond immediately to what is requested, even if you need more time to obtain the information requested.