Express Entry Rules Change Explained by Immigration Law Firm in Mississauga

Canada is often considered to be the best place to begin a new life by many people. People all across the globe apply for immigration to the country even though the application procedure is not easy. Among the thousands of applications which are submitted only a lucky few are welcomed to the country. It is quite difficult to go through the difficult immigration procedures and hence you can take the help of an immigration law firm in Mississauga.

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Reduction of Deadline

The deadline for refugees, immigration and citizenship in Canada has been reduced. At present, a candidate can apply for permanent residence in the country from 60 days. If any candidate is invited to apply before 26th June, 2018, he or she will have 90 days to submit the complete application for enjoying permanent residence in the country. The candidate who would be applying after 26th June, 2018 would have 60 days to submit the application. By taking the help of immigration lawyer in Mississauga, you can easily get entry in Canada.

Any person who is willing to immigrate to Canada through Federal Skilled Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class or Canadian Experience Class needs to submit a complete profile. The candidates who meet the criteria would be placed in the pool and the applicants would be ranked as per their Comprehensive Ranking System score. The candidates who have secured the highest ranks would be asked to apply through the regular invitation rounds. An immigration law firm in Mississauga would help you out with the difficult procedures.

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The candidate who would receive the ITA after 26th June, 2018 would be having 60 days to submit the complete online application to enjoy permanent residence in the country. He or she would also have to provide the supporting documentation or decline the ITA by using their online account. The candidates who do not respond to the ITA would face an expiration of the application and their profile would be removed from the Express Entry Pool. In order to gain entry to the pool again, the individual would have to apply again and create a new profile.

Since the application procedures are so complicated, it is beneficial to take the help of an immigration law firm in Mississauga. Read below to get an idea about the major advantages of hiring a professional lawyer.

An immigration lawyer is well-versed with the various legal procedures which are important in obtaining immigration. He would be able to give you sound advice and would be able to explain the situation to you clearly. An immigration law firm in Mississauga has years of experience in the field and is used to the elaborate paperwork. They can ensure that the paperwork is done perfectly in the very first attempt itself. An immigration lawyer would be able to ensure that you get quicker results. On many occasions, the candidate fills up the application form in an incorrect manner which leads to the delays.