Common questions people ask an immigration lawyer in Canada

The Canadian immigration page had such a high amount of traffic that it crashed on momentous Election Day; Americans have been trying to apply to Canadian universities in large numbers. However, these are the most common questions asked to theĀ one of the best immigration lawyers in Toronto.

best immigration lawyer in Toronto

Can I simply move to Canada?

No. I choose to address America’s underlying ignorance that when this issue arises. They simply walk into Canada several times, and I would like to make it very clear… Canada is not a prize for consolation. But then all of sudden you sound America is also no longer your country; Rolling Stone may have put onto its cover our quite photogenic prime minister, but we’ve also got health care.

No, you can’t just go up here. That said, we’re going to treat Americans just like any other individual to Canada for legal residence. There are still some ways for even an American to obtain a working permit in Canada under the NAFTA, which Donald Trump could rip up and bring onto the wastebasket, which is easier.

Should I get married to an immigrant from Canada?

Marriage is a good option… We take a glance at your skills as well as work experience for the employer or the economic class. We will even ask an American for an English language exam. To marry anyone and to be in a contract law relationship or maybe even a marriage relationship with such a Canadian is indeed a good way to immigrate to none other than Canada: there is still no language test, there is no requirement for education or earnings.

Unless I move to Canada, could I get “free” healthcare?

Yes, as just an ongoing resident. Let’s assume you’re an international student here, you’re getting health care. You might get healthcare if you’re a temporary foreign worker. You must fulfill any regional residency requirement [in which you live]; in Alberta, for instance, you may have to be here now two to three months earlier.

How would I know if I could just immigrate to Canada?

Our site is quite great… If you can’t figure out the whole website of immigration, you’re probably not eligible for immigration in Canada. There is also a calculator with points on the front that informs you of whatever kind of items you have.

There is also a lot of info on immigration in Toronto: lots of this is poor advice on immigration. There are no immigration advisors regulations, because they get back with much more shitty service than would a lawyer can. I’d recommend people do their studies. Sometimes it can be worth doing things of your own, it’s not always.

When I have a criminal history, could I immigrate to Canada?

Yes, however, you certainly need to talk to a skilled immigration attorney. This also relies on the verdict of a criminal. There is indeed a rehabilitation method and considered rehabilitation, as long as other periods have expired. There will be ways to get around this criminal record, yet it relies on what the criminal history was and how time went through since the record and ensuing attitudes.