Be informed about the components of a harassment lawsuit

There are many cases where people fall victim to sexual harassment in a workplace. While many consider that a light harassment is not going to harm anyone and hence it can be let go, this is not the case. No one should cope up with any level of sexual harassment. In order to assist with the people who need protection against harassment, there are employment lawyers in Toronto who are ready to provide their help. Before filing a sexual harassment lawsuit one needs to be aware of the basic things needed for the case.

  • Is it Harassment? The first thing to do is to check whether the received treatment is actually harassment. It can be verbal abuse, whistling, and visual cues of sexual images, sexual jokes, and suggestive remarks, physical assault, patting or any kind of unwanted physical contact, demands sexual favors etc … In case you are confused if the received treatment is actually harassment, then you can check with the employment lawyers in Toronto.
  • Desire? While many think that sexual harassment is always about desire, it is not the true case. In most cases, sexual harassment happens in order to establish sexual power. It happens in cases of hostility and rejection too. Some might even do this in order to intimidate you.employment lawyers
  • Do not wait- Many people think that this is a one-time occurrence and it will pass away. They wait to see if a second incident happens in order to file a proper lawsuit. The employment lawyers in Toronto say that sexual harassment happening once is more than enough to complain.
  • Talk to them: One can genuinely talk to the harasser indicating that their behavior is disturbing you and making you feel uncomfortable. In most cases, the harasser will change their behavior. In cases where you do not feel like talking to the harasser then you can still escalate the problem to a higher level.
  • Talk to the management: If you have trusted members in the management then take up this issue with them. A manager or any respective member in the HR department can help you with it. This should be done if there is no change in the person’s behavior.

  • They mean it: Harassment counts in whatever form it is. People always advise not to take up these issues personally and many others have experienced the same. They urge to let all this go. But these are just excuses for poor behavior. In any case, sexual harassment is a violation of human rights.
  • Prevention, not just Punishment: In many cases, sexual harassment is a part of the office culture. So steps have to be taken to prevent it. Both genders will have to be comfortable in eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace. In the case of non-ending issues a civil harassment lawsuit can be filed with the help of employment lawyers in Toronto. This will help in seeking a remedy as a criminal lawsuit is not required in all cases. A case can be filed on an incident of harassment, which happened years before.

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